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Fave Poem of the Week

Bloom by Anna Voelker

I love nature. If the weather is just right, I love sitting outside. I love grabbing a chair and sitting outside and watching the wind move the tree leaves. Sometimes I carry a book outside and read, but most times I just watch the way the flowers blow in the wind or just admire the colors around.

And I love flowers. I feel as if flowers tell a particular story. Each flower has its own story to tell and that story is embedded within their color, shape, and size. It’s embedded within their smell and the way they dance with the wind. It’s amazing.

The poem “Bloom” is sweet and to the point and I admire that.

Anna Voelker talks about a sunflower she found while walking down the street. She also described the state she found it in. Anna said how the sunflower was wilted but still beautiful and I think that in itself is a beautiful thing.

I want to age like that
never forgetting my own beauty

In my opinion, Anna Voelker meant that no matter her age she wants to always remember that she’s beautiful. Whether she meant, her beauty on the inside or out, it still stands. She wants to always remember that.

I think that’s very beautiful. You should always remember your beauty and your worth. I think that the wilting sunflower acting as a metaphor for loving yourself is smart and interesting. I came cross theis poem while looking up things about nature and it speaks to me. I hope it can speak to you as well.

Story about Anna Voelker

Full Poem: Bloom

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Hi, I am 21 years old and I’m in college for medical assisting. I love to write poetry, flash fiction, and short stories.

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