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New Beginnings: Part 1

Welcome To New York It has been eight months since Kennedy Darwin walked in on her boyfriend Shaun and her best friend Chasity. She could still feel the anger that was boiling inside of her. She could still taste the venom that wished to be released when she caught them. She wanted to hurt them,Continue reading “New Beginnings: Part 1”


Writing Prompts

Hey my darlings! I am going to start writing Flash Fiction stories every Friday, and it will be named “Flash Fiction Friday.” I am also changing “Fave Poem of the Week, for Saturday instead of Friday. So, I have a request for you guys! The Flash Fiction will be Romance, of course, and I wouldContinue reading “Writing Prompts”

My Writing Process

Author Note: This isn’t going to be a long article, it’s just a few things I need to say before I move and continue writing. I’m writing this to inform you about my past writing and my future writing plans, because I thought you guys would like to know. Here we go: Past Writing AsContinue reading “My Writing Process”