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New Beginnings: Part Three

The Met Kennedy doesn’t bother moving her car. The Met is directly across the street from Grant Cafe, so she would just walk. She crosses the street, quickly, and gawks when she’s on the steps. It’s even more beautiful in person and Kennedy could hardly contain her excitement. “The Metropolitan Museum of Arts,” she says,Continue reading “New Beginnings: Part Three”


New Beginnings: Part Two

Grant Cafe Kennedy wakes up the next morning feeling disoriented. She didn’t recognize the room at first but then realization kicked in. She was in her new place and not the house of a kidnapper. “I guess it’s going to take me sometime to adjust,” she says, and gets out of the bed. She wasContinue reading “New Beginnings: Part Two”

New Beginnings: Part 1

Welcome To New York It has been eight months since Kennedy Darwin walked in on her boyfriend Shaun and her best friend Chasity. She could still feel the anger that was boiling inside of her. She could still taste the venom that wished to be released when she caught them. She wanted to hurt them,Continue reading “New Beginnings: Part 1”