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New Beginnings: Part Two

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Grant Cafe

Kennedy wakes up the next morning feeling disoriented. She didn’t recognize the room at first but then realization kicked in. She was in her new place and not the house of a kidnapper.

“I guess it’s going to take me sometime to adjust,” she says, and gets out of the bed. She was mostly used to the different time zone because New York was just an hour ahead. Plus, she visited Jasmine whenever she could.

She walks into her bathroom immediately, so she could start getting ready. She had plans to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Arts and she was excited. Every time she came to visit Jas, she would say she would go but never did.

Jasmine was going to be her tour guide but she couldn’t get off work. Kennedy told her it was okay and that she didn’t have a problem going alone. They could always just go that weekend.

She was nervous, yes, but she could handle herself

“I thought i unpacked the bathroom boxes,” she mumbles, when she sees one box still closed. “Guess I forgot about this one.”

When she opens the box, it is her hair products.She leaves the box alone and starts the shower. When she feels like the water is just right, she steps in and lets out a nice sigh. The water felt amazing against her skin.

After showering, Kennedy does her daily hygiene routine. After that, she stares at herself for a minute before walking out of the bathroom and into her room. She needs to find something to wear so she walks into her closet.

It’s October and the weather is supposed to be nice today so she’ll wear something light.

When she finally decides on what to wear and she dressed quickly. Kennedy looks in the mirror above her dresser and smiles at herself. She flips her braids dramatically, then laughs as she strikes a pose. She walks out her room while applying lip-gloss to her lips.

“Should I eat here or go out?” she asks herself, then decides to just eat while she’s out. There’s a cafe near to the museum and she’ll just stop there.

Kennedy grabs her purse and makes sure everything she needed was in there. Once she checked, she grabbed her phone off the counter and walks out the door. She locks her door and the walks over to the elevator. She waits until it comes and steps in.

She’s in there by herself and she’s glad because she didn’t feel like talking to anyone yet. Kennedy gets to the first floor and walks toward the main door. Once she’s out the door, she walks through the parking lot to find her car.

She plugs her phone into the AUX and then pulls out. She’s okay with driving in New York but she hopes traffic isn’t too bad.

The museum was 35 minutes away so she relaxes and sing along to her music.

Kennedy arrives at the cafe and coos over how cute it was. She gets out, locks her car door, and rushes inside. When she walks in, Kennedy instantly notices that it’s even more adorable on the inside. She thinks that this would be a great place to come and blog. Especially when she doesn’t feel like staying in the house.

“Hi!” a young woman’s voice calls out. “Welcome to Grant Cafe!”

Kennedy smiles at the woman’s bubbly attitude and walks up to the counter.

“Hello,” she looks at the woman’s name tag, “Rebecca. I’m new in town and I want to know what’s good.”

Rebecca does a bright smile and says, “I recommend the cinnamon buns but the toasted, ham and swiss cheese sandwich is great.”

“I’ll have the cinnamon bun,” Kennedy says, immediately. She’s been craving something sweet and the cinnamon bun sounds delicious.

“Good choice,” Rebecca winks and goes to get it out. “Do you want a drink?”

“Water will be fine.”

“Okay hon, that’ll be $4.32,” Rebecca says, after handing Kennedy her food. Kennedy pays for her food then takes her first and has to eat it slowly.

“This is amazing!” Kennedy tells Rebecca and takes another bite.

“Don’t thank me, thank my boss,” Rebecca chuckles. “It’s his family recipe.”

“Well, tell him I love this,” she replies and eats the rest.

They talk for awhile and Rebecca tells Kennedy some nice spots she could visit.

After a while, more customers enter the cafe and Rebecca excuses herself. Kennedy sits there for a few minutes before deciding to leave.

She waves at Rebecca when she looks over at her, and leaves out the cafe.

This will become a regular spot for her.

To be continued…

Photo by Oleg Magni on

Hope you enjoyed it!

See you later darlings!


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Hi, I am 21 years old and I’m in college for medical assisting. I love to write poetry, flash fiction, and short stories.

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