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New Beginnings: Part Three

The Met

Photo by Una Laurencic on

Kennedy doesn’t bother moving her car.

The Met is directly across the street from Grant Cafe, so she would just walk. She crosses the street, quickly, and gawks when she’s on the steps. It’s even more beautiful in person and Kennedy could hardly contain her excitement.

“The Metropolitan Museum of Arts,” she says, in awe. She’s been wanting to visit since she was a child and she was finally here. She snaps a picture of the outside so she wouldn’t forget and rushes in.

It’s beautiful.

Kennedy brought her ticket online so she goes through security check. After security check, she asks if she could take pictures while exploring. The workers tell her yes, but no camera flashes and she cannot be disruptive.

She hurries to find the sculpture titled, The NewOnes, will free Us. She’d got an alert that the Seated IV were here and she knew she had to see them.

They were by a Kenyan-American named, Wangechi Mutu and they were stunning. Each piece looked smooth, determined, and she knew it took a long time to finish.

She takes a careful photo of them, as she sits and stares at the sculptures. Kennedy could feel the power they held and could sense the culture and strength behind them. She fell in love with each one.

But she was trying not to get stuck there long, so she moved to another exhibit.

An hour later, Kennedy is staring at the PARAPIVOT. The exhibitions was closing soon so she had to see it before it did.

She adored it.

It reminds her of the universe and how it could and should be. It reminds her of nature and how it can be beautiful but also dangerous. It reminds her of the past, future, and present.

It had a story to tell, or a poem of some kind, and Kennedy wanted to know how it ended. She snaps several photos of it and wipes her eyes gently. She’d seen what she needed.

Kennedy leaves The Met feeling lighter than she was before. The strength in each piece, the stories they told, it helped her. She looks back up at the building one last time before running across the street.

Her head is in the clouds and she feels like she’s walking on air. Which is why, she didn’t know she was about to walk into someone.

“Oof,” she says, and almost falls when someone catches her.

She looks up to an unfamiliar man. He had light, blue eyes with golden-brown hair, and a nice smile.

Jeez, this man was handsome.

“Are you alright?” the stranger says, looking down at her with a concern expression.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Kennedy starts, as he lets her up, “I just wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“I can see that,” the man teases, the concern look gone from his eyes. He holds his hand out and says, “Derrick Layne.”

“Kennedy Darwin,” she replies and shakes his hand. “Sorry for running into you.”

“It’s no problem,” Derrick says, waving his hand dismissively. “Were you going in the cafe?”

“No,” Kennedy responds, “I was there earlier. The cinnamon buns were amazing!”

Derrick chuckles at her excitement and says, “Thank you, I’ll let my mother know you enjoyed them.”

To be continued…

To see the great pictures, here goes the link:

See you later darlings!

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on

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Hi, I am 21 years old and I’m in college for medical assisting. I love to write poetry, flash fiction, and short stories.

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